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Magazine nº 55
Revista SENER Noticias 55

Article: Reinventing SENER.
Interview: A better SENER. SENER Group's CEO, Jorge Unda, and the President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta.
Tribune: In memory of Enrique de Sendagorta.
Technology: Helicon plasma thruster.

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Newsletter SENER News nº1
planta solar termoelectrica nooro iii

Article: The technological leap at Noor Ouarzazate III.
Technology:  BepiColombo, a satellite with the participation of the SENER Group companies; contracts at airports in Spain, Ireland and Portugal; low-emission biomass power plant in Puertollano, Spain; engineering for a 1,200 passenger vessel for Tanzania.

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Magazine nº 54
Revista SENER Noticias 54

Article: The SENER 4.0 technological leap in Infrastructure and Transport.
Interview: SENER’s General Manager of Infrastructure and Transport, César Quevedo, and the Commercial Manager of Infrastructure and Transport in Mexico, Sergio León.
Tribune: Juan Carlos Cortés, Director of European Programmes, Space and Technological Returns at CDTI.
Energy & Environment: 10th anniversary of Torresol Energy.

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Magazine nº 53
Revista SENER Noticias 53

Article: 15 years of the SENER Foundation. Sense of responsability.
Interview: Enrique de Sendagorta, president of SENER Foundation, founder and Honorary President of SENER, and Andrés Sendagorta, Vice President of SENER.
Tribune: José Ignacio González-Aller Managing Director of Fundación CODESPA.
Energy & Environment: Overhaul in the Torresol Energy plants.

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Magazine nº 52
Revista SENER Noticias 52

Article: Space: technology in the state of the art.
Interview: Diego Rodriguez, SENER's Space and Defense Director, and Aleksandra Bukala, SENER's Country Manager in Poland.
Tribune: Vikesh Rajpaul, Programme Manager - Concentrating Solar Power - Renewables Business Unit Eskom (South Africa).
Energy & Environment: Solar Impulse flies over Gemasolar.

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Magazine nº 51
Revista SENER Noticias nº 51

Article: Let's conquer the Sun.
Interview: Borja Zárraga, Power, Oil & Gas Business Manager at SENER, and Miguel Domingo, Environment and Solar Director at SENER.
Tribune: Manuel Moreu, President of the Spanish Institute of Engineering.
Technology: SENER's Chief Technical Engineers: internationally renowned.

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Magazine nº 50
Revista SENER Noticias nº 50 - Diciembre 2015

Article: Sixty years of entrepreneurship and building the future.
Interview: Jorge Sendagorta, SENER President, and Enrique de Sendagorta, SENER’s founder and Honorary President.
Tribune: Lionel Gaillard, Head of European Space Agency (ESA).
Technology: AIP system for submarines. [+info]

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Magazine nº 49
Revista SENER Noticias nº 49 - Junio 2015

Article: SENER and EIPSA, civil engineering sticking to reality
Interview: José Gregorio Briz, SENER's General Manager of Infrastructures and Transport, and José Antonio Llombart, General Manager of EIPSA
Tribune: Krzysztof Trofiniak, member of the Management Board of Polish Armaments Group PGZ
Tecnología: STEIec, software for railway traction power simulations

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Magazine nº 48
Revista SENER Noticias nº 48 - Diciembre 2014

Article: 50 years of FORAN in continuous reinvention
Interview: Rafael de Góngora, Genaral Manager of the Marine unit at SENER, and Rafael Martínez-Abarca, Marine Operations Manager.
Tribune: Cristina Garmendia, President of the Cotec Foundation for Technological Innovation 'Innovation: our companies' greatest ally'.
Technology: The Acoustic and Vibration group expands its range of services.

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Magazine nº 47
Revista SENER Noticias nº 47 - Junio 2014

Article: Technological differentiation as SENER's strategic advantage
Tribune: Enrique de Sendagorta, founder and Honorary President of SENER
Interview: Mercedes Sierra, Head of Organization and Resourdes Management, and Luis Bazán, Infrastructures and Transport Operation Manager.
Technology: SENER's capabilities in Water and Environment

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