Search and Rescue Payload

Search And Rescue Payload

  • Search and Rescue payload for Europe’s global navigation satellite system, Galileo
    • Very solid reception within a highly interference environment
    • Flexible modular design to cover a range of input and output frequencies to suit different transponder specifications
  • Search and Rescue payload for Galileo include:
    • UHF / L Band Antenna
    • UHF to L Band transponder including Custom Front End with integrated UHF Band cavity filters
  • First European MEOSAR of the COSPAS-SARSAT system, in orbit since 2012

RF and Digital Subsystems

Subsistemas de RF y digitales

  • State-of-the-art performance based on our proven custom MMIC design capabilities
    • More than 1000 custom MMIC in orbit
  • Heritage in many frequency bands
    • UHF Band, L Band, S Band, C Band, Ku Band and Ka Band
  • High sensitivity, extremely low Noise Figure and power consumption in support of the most stringent mission requirements
    • Radiometers, Navigation or Meteorological missions
  • Combination of analogue front ends with digital processing modules
  • Capabilities for integration of several equipment on a Payload Panel
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