Broadcast & Air Traffic Control

SENER Aerospace designs and manufactures professional radiofrequency and microwave equipment for the Broadcasting, Air Traffic Control, Defense and Science sectors. In particular, in broadcasting, it offers its high-tech products and solutions under the leading brand RYMSA.

SENER Aerospace's catalog of products in broadcasting and air traffic control encompasses a wide category of antennas and pedestals, filters, power combiners and transmission lines, along with multiple accessories.



In broadcasting, the RYMSA brand is already playing an essential role in shaping the future of digital radio and television. To meet the greatest technological challenges, SENER Aerospace designs and manufactures passive broadcast transmission equipment (radiant systems, filters, power combiners, transmission lines and any associated coaxial accessories), and it provides system installation, monitoring and start-up services.

Air Traffic Control


In Air Traffic Control, SENER Aerospace offers various antenna, pedestal and passive RF solutions for surveillance systems for both civilian and military applications, including L-band secondary radar systems for fixed and movable locations, S-band primary radar systems, ADS-B and DVOR systems.

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