D2APA Direct Drive Antenna Pointing Assembly

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SENER Aeroespacial Direct Drive Antenna Pointing Assembly
SENER Aeroespacial Direct Drive Antenna Pointing Assembly
  • Start date: 2020
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The D2APA is a direct drive actuated K-band antenna pointing assembly, with elevation over azimuth configuration, compatible with GEO and LEO orbits and engineered for long-life missions where fast and accurate pointing is required. The modular approach allows the customization of operating band (K, X, and dual X/K band) and antenna diameter up to 350mm.

It is part of SENER Aeroespacial Inter-Satellite and Earth Observation Datalink Subsystems as K-band Antenna Assembly. It has been engineered in accordance with ESA’s ECSS standards, providing unparallel reliability and performance.

  • In-house designed 0.2°/step direct drive motor (smaller resolution with micro-stepping)
  • In-house designed rotary joint (Customizable frequency of operation)
  • Mass: < 9.5 kg
  • Low driving current: 300 mA
  • Power consumption: < 5.5 W/axis (Worst Case)
  • Up to 5 discrete fine position sensors per axis
  • Optional potentiometer sensors
  • Full hemispherical coverage (>360° azimuth range)
  • Low shock HDRM
  • Low exported micro-vibrations
  • Rapid position recovery: up to 13°/s rotation speed
  • Dimensions: stowed Ø390 mm x 390 mm (with Ø350 mm antenna)
  • Available at other frequency bands (K, X and dual X/K band rotary joints and antennas)
  • Fully compatible with ground tests without zero-g devices

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