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Proyecto ARCO - Navegación de vehículos
Proyecto ARCO - Navegación de vehículos
  • Client: Ministerio de Defensa
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2019
  • Ending date: 2021
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The ARCO project arose in the context of the Ministry of Defense's COINCIDENTE program to develop a logistics convoy consisting of remotely operated, autonomous and manual driving vehicles. The project is led by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and the consortium includes IVECO España, INTA and SENER Aerospace.

SENER Aerospace is responsible for developing the real-time on-board vehicle navigation system, which involves the geolocation of the vehicles and the detection, identification and positioning in real time of the elements in its environment, such as the road, other vehicles, obstacles, signals, etc.

This system relies on a combination of multiple sensors, such as a GNSS receiver, inertial, LIDAR and radar sensors and stereoscopic vision cameras. The data collected by these sensors are sent to a real-time processing unit where they are fused to provide a more reliable and robust solution than those calculated by each sensor independently. Advanced data processing and fusion techniques, together with artificial intelligence algorithms, are used during processing and are executed and developed under the open-source ROS2 (Robot Operating System).

One of the main challenges of the project is that the system must be able to operate in areas with GNSS/GPS-denied or degraded environments as it navigates on unstructured (off-road) terrain. This means that in addition to incorporating the conventional techniques already developed for the civil sector, additional elements must be developed to improve these techniques in order to account for these more demanding scenarios.

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