The compact multipack solution of active reception equipment, soon available in Ku-Band

The compact multipack solution of active reception equipment, soon available in Ku-Band

Following the successful qualification of the Ka-Band multipack product family, SENER is now focused on the qualification in Ku-Band

The multipack solution of active reception equipment proposes a distributed, modular and scalable model where separated RF slices of Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Downconverters (DoCon) or Receivers (RCV) are connected to centralized Master Local Oscillator/s (MLO) modules and a Central Power Supply Unit (CPSU). This approach compared with a classical stand-alone solution, where the LNAs, DoCons or RCVs have their own MLO and CPSU incorporated in the same mechanical package, allows more competitive figures in mass and cost, as well as a great flexibility at the time of integration, while offering state-of-the-art performances.

Both the Ka-Band multipack solution (qualification complete), and the equivalent product family in Ku Band (qualification in-process), are offered with an optional commandable gain feature, internal or external reference oscillator and other interface possibilities. Centralized TM/TC is ready to support traditional pulse interface, CAN bus serial interface or any customer proprietary serial bus, with a minor development effort. More design options are available under request.   

We invite you to request a proposal for your application to learn more about this product line. Be it a geostationary satellite, a constellation, or a New Space project requiring an alternative EEE parts procurement policy, we will make the best proposal for you. active-reception-equipment.jpg

From left to right: Ka Band Low Noise Amplifier RF Slice, Local Oscillator Module & Ka Band Down Converter RF Slice

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