The SENER Group achieves a mission milestone in MetOp SG

30/05/2019 (International)
The SENER Group achieves a mission milestone in MetOp SG

SENER has delivered the Engineering Qualification Models (EQM) of the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) Back End Receivers for MetOp SG, the second generation of weather satellites in polar orbit, consisting of six satellites, which will be deployed by ESA and EUMETSAT starting in 2021 until mid-2040.

These satellites are the new series of European weather satellites, part of the Meteorological Operational satellite program (MetOp), a European initiative to monitor climate and improve the weather forecasts produced by the European Space Agency (ESA) and by the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, EUMETSAT.

The Back End Receivers are responsible for measuring the amount of power detected within the received signal coming from the different channels that the instrument is operating: 183 GHz, 243 GHz, 325 GHz, 448 GHz and 664 GHz. In order to be able to retrieve this parameter the received signal needs to be conditioned by a number of sharp filtering and wide-band, low noise amplification stages that leads to a very complex and sensitive equipment. After delivering these EQMs SENER will start the manufacturing of the Flight Models.

In MetOp SG, the SENER Group companies are responsible for the design, manufacture and verification of the hold-down and release mechanisms (HDRM) and for the deployment and latching mechanism (DLM), which allow the arms on the Scatterometer (SCA) instrument, a key component in these satellites, to be released and deployed. The companies are also in charge of reception equipment for the three radiometers - the Microwave Sounder Radiometer (MWS), the Microwave Imager Radiometer (MWI) and the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) -, the frequency generation module of the radio occultation (RO) instrument and the telemetry and telecommand antennas.

At the MetOp program, the SENER group has delivered equipment and systems for MetOp-A, launched in 2006, MetOp-B, launched in 2012, and MetOp-C, launched in 2018, all of which are currently in service.

The SENER group has been, for more than 50 years, a top-tier supplier of electromechanical components and systems, navigation systems (GNC/AOCS), communications, astronomy and optics systems for Space, and it is currently participating in the main programs of ESA and NASA (including, in addition to those already mentioned, Hubble, Galileo, Rosetta, Gaia, Herschel and Planck, IXV, Proba 3, BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter, JUICE, Euclid and ExoMars 2020) and of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The group stands out as one of the leading suppliers for the ESA's science programs, for its engineering contributions.

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