SENER Aeroespacial carries out the assembly of the engineering model of the HIPATIA engine

08/07/2020 (International)

SENER Aeroespacial has finished assembling the engine engineering model of the HIPATIA project (HelIcon PlasmA Thruster for In-Space Applications), in the framework of the European Union Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon 2020 (GA870542). This is a project to continue with the development of the Helicon Plasma Thruster (HPT), the innovative electric space propulsion technology developed by SENER Aeroespacial together with the UC3M University.

In HIPATIA, SENER Aeroespacial is leading a consortium in which the Spanish scientific team SENER Aeroespacial-UC3M is collaborating with Airbus, the National Centre for Scientific Research, both in France, and the company Advanced Space Technologies, in Germany, to test the functioning of the new prototype for its use in small space platforms, aiming to fit the needs of the market.

The assembly of the engine is a great step forward, prior to the beginning of the engine tests at the UC3M facilities, where the performance and spatialization capacity of the concept can be verified. In September, the entire system will be integrated, incorporating the valve from one of our partners and the electronics being manufactured by SENER Aeroespacial.

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