The aerospace division is the birthplace of many of the innovations produced by SENER, the high-tech group known for its advanced solutions.

SENER has produced more than 275 devices, pieces of equipment and systems for space probes used by the world’s major space agencies, such as NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos. In the process, SENER has faced unique technical challenges to which it has responded in a variety of ways, always with technological excellence. Over its more than 50 year track record, SENER’s solutions have shown a 100% reliability rate, as none of its projects have recorded any failures.

SENER has also patented innovations in the defense sector, such as propulsion systems for submarines, and continues to work on innovations in the aeronautical sector, particularly electromechanical actuators and manufacturing and assembly systems.

Thanks to SENER’s multidisciplinary nature, the innovations that have come out of the aerospace division have provided the grounding for advances in other areas of activity, such as Renewables, Power, Oil & Gas and transport infrastructures. Even the FORAN marine design and construction system, conceived by SENER more than 50 years ago and the current leader in this sector of technology, was inspired by the programs used for designing aeronautical structures based on mathematical algorithms.

This cross-fertilization allows teams of experts from different disciplines to pool their knowledge to achieve the best possible results.

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