Ground support

SENER has been providing ground support equipment for over 40 years, initially related to launchers. It was with the Spacelab mission that he developed onboard equipment, with 165 ground support equipment and led a consortium of European companies. Since then it has been increasing its degree of responsibility in this technological field, until becoming a world reference company. 

In Europe there are very few companies trained to design specialized satellite integration equipment. SENER has extensive experience in the manufacture of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) and in the assembly of satellites, which is a great engineering challenge, since each satellite is virtually unique in its class. These structures weigh between several hundred kilos and several tons and consist of thousands of pieces and kilometers of cables. 

Currently, SENER has successfully manufactured and tested thirteen MGSE components for the assembly of satellites in the scientific space probe Euclid, the largest set of MGSE equipment.

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)

SENER designs, manufactures, integrates and tests all types of devices for the assembly of satellite structures, including vertical transport equipment, assembly and disassembly of satellite panels, and containers for transport.

Euclid Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)

The Euclid mission aims at understanding why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating and what is the nature of the source responsible for this acceleration which physicists refer to as "dark energy". The mission will investigate the distance-... [+]

Biomass Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)

SENER, on behalf of OHB Italy, will design, manufacture and test all the devices for assembly of the satellite structure, including vertical transport equipment, assembly and disassembly of satellite panels, assembly and disassembly of the Synthetic ... [+]

Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

In recent years, SENER has developed numerous test benches for the purpose of verifying internally developed systems as well as systems developed by third parties

There are two lines of activity:

  • EGSEs (Electronic Ground Support Equipment): This equipment characterizes and verifies actuation systems (antenna pointing mechanisms, sweep mechanisms, deployment mechanisms...)
  • SCOE (Special Check Out Equipment): equipment that allows testing, validation and verification of AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control Systems)


This function of this equipment is to conduct GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) system testing of the Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module (EDM) in the ExoMars project. For this purpose, it provides interfaces both for the simulation a... [+]

MTG. AOCS SCOE Instantiation

The verification of avionics and especially of the AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control System) or GNC subsystem (Guidance, Navigation and Control) is a vital operation during the flight segment of all space systems. Until now, most test benches have be... [+]


This equipment allows the testing and verification of the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) sweep system. It consists of the electronic testing equipment, the mechanism simulation and the mechanism testing equipment. The comprehensive user interface c... [+]

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