Navigation. Attitude control

SENER’s principal activities in the space industry include navigation systems, where it supplies:

  • Attitude and orbit control systems (AOCS).
  • Guidance, navigation and control systems (GNC).
  • Navigation equipment (NAVIGA).
  • Testing equipment for AOCS and GNC (GATB).

Ever since SENER started designing AOCS/GNC systems in the nineties, its level of responsibility in this field of technology has evolved, and today it is a leading company and principal contractor. Following the success of the AOCS for the Herschel and Planck scientific missions, which SENER executed in partnership with another company, it has developed the GNC for IXV, also in a joint venture, and today it is the main contractor for Proba-3, with responsibility for the entire mission, and for the AOCS on Euclid, a top-level scientific mission by the ESA, for which SENER is acting as the final authority on its maximum performance navigation system.

Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS)

Planck & Herschel AOCS

Planck and Herschel belong to the scientific program of the ESA, and will be launched both together with an ARIANE 5 and later injected in the Second Lagrange Libration point (L2) of the Sun-Earth System. Planck is devoted to the confirmation and imp... [+]


EUCLID is a space mission to study the nature of the dark universe: dark matter and dark energy. To carry out its purpose, the mission will investigate the relationships between the distances, shapes, and redshift of cosmic structures and their evolu... [+]

Guidance, Navigation and Control systems (GNC)

PROBA-3. Formation Flying Mission

PROBA is a space program managed by ESA for the in-orbit demonstration of platform and payload technologies. PROBA-3 aims to demonstrate precise formation flying technologies. The mission consists of two small spacecrafts of 350 kg and 200 kg flyi... [+]

IXV: Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle. Re-entry Demonstrator

The IXV is an ESA reentry lifting body demonstrator built to verify in-flight the performance of critical re-entry technologies. The IXV was launched on February the 11th, 2015, aboard Europe’s Vega launcher. SENER was the prime contractor of the... [+]

Testing equipment for AOCS and GNC (GATB)

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